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Rachel Smartt's
Juice Plus+ Story

Year of production: 2017
Running Time: 9:39 min

My experience with Juice Plus+ and why I recommend it as my number-one weapon alongside eating a plant-based diet.

Brenda Paddock

Worked in skin care. Had melanoma (skin cancer prior) and was taking high blood pressure medicine for 12 yrs. Father died of massive heart attack. Six other family members had melanoma. Thought it was simply bad genes. Initially started Juice Plus+ business to cover the cost. After the first month on Juice Plus she passed out. Her blood pressure was too low. Doctors said she didn’t need the blood pressure medication any more. Med free ever since.

Dr Michael Smith

Naturopathic Doctor who owns a holistic center in Charlotte NC. Juice Plus makes sense and lays a perfect foundation to restored healing, ridding the body of toxins and helping clients change behavior with simple tools.

Ali Schneider
4.5 years to NMD

30’s. Raising little Children, husband a professional football coach. No free time. Instead of making her children the excuse, she made them the reason to do the business.

Alisa Herriman

Registered nutritionist working with cancer patients. Mom of 4 that were chronically sick. One son had been taking antibiotics for 8 months straight. After taking JP+ for only a month, noticed remarkable improvement and was taken off antibiotics. Cancer client’s blood work improved in just 4 days.

Amy Dangelmayr

Nurse Practitioner. Goal was to open up her own medical practice. Kids and husband were always at the doctor’s office and was desperate mom who didn’t’t think they could afford the whole family on JP+. After starting JP, her husband stopped missing work, migraines went away, allergies stopped, and she started using it as her prenatal. Her youngest, who recently turned 4 yrs, has not been on any antibiotics.

Brianna Bergford
8.5 years to NMD

Stay at home mom. Husband full time student. Desperate financially and with poor health. Chaos in life, no money. Kids sick all the time. JP changed their lives

Carla Thomas

Australian – Dancer since 8 yrs old; was a world traveler and professional dancer. Had a lot of depression, anxiety, and poor body image. She over-exercised and had an eating disorder. No set direction in life. 23 yrs of age and had a holistic passion to change.

Carol Taylor
10 years to NMD

Lives in a small town with only 4 stop lights in NC. Had many part time businesses to make ends meet. Went to Medical School. Worked in Medical Sales for 15 yrs. No energy. After starting JP for just 3 weeks, noticed more energy and instead of hitting the snooze button she got up out of bed. JP was a plan B and turned into plan A.

Charlotte Bryan
NMD in 8 months

Australian with 2 boys. Mom raised her as a single parent. Started JP+ as a business due to not being able to work after a massive car accident— had terrible headaches and neck problems. Money motivated and then had a mission to share the nutritional benefits because of the results.

Heidi Phillips

Husband Medical Doctor and Ironman triathlete. Kids were sick a lot and wanted JP+ to protect family. Didn’t do the business intentionally because she let fears get in the way. She changed that and their future is bright with health and strong financial future.

Jade Baxter

West Australian- 24 yrs of age and the youngest NMD in Australia

Jake Kelly Campbell

20’s grew up taking JP as a child. Went to college as a top athlete. Never missed a day of practice in her entire basketball career due to peak immune system. Was attracted to the freedom and life style after watching her NMD mom who went from poor single mom to 100 club NMD and build the life of her dreams. She led with the Tower Garden to build her JP+ business. It was a visual that helped conversations happen.

Jan Klesko

Male chiropractor from Canada. Huge skeptic at first. Took 4 yrs to take Juice Plus. Was attracted to research and once he put patients on it he saw the positive results. He used the P.S.P. program for busy doctors. He loves seeing people getting healthier. The business is a journey, not a race.

Joan Ackerman

Mom on a mission. Lived in a rural Canadian town with a population of 80. She was the 3rd NMD in Canada. Used inhalers daily until JP+.

Karin Johnson
3.5 yrs to NMD

Worked in the fitness industry as an instructor. 2 children ages 4 and 2 have only “wellness” visits since being on JP. Husband lost his job suddenly. Health insurance dropped. Saw the Virtual Franchise with JP+ as a way to lift financial burden and keep dreams alive for family.

Kimberly Duplissey
3.5 yrs to NMD

Hair dresser whose son was sick a lot. Had a rare disease and almost died. Daughter had 2 open heart surgeries just 6 days after birth. She was diagnosed at 4 yrs old with a rare blood disorder. She was told she would have to take steroids once a month every month for life. She was also put on strong antibiotics- required to take for 1 yr. The whole family was on a vegetarian diet and didn’t know if JP+ would help. Her little girl (Abby) – never got bone marrow transplant or stopped needing to take daily antibiotics- After starting JP+ her daughter only had to take 1 antibiotic in the first year. Her abnormal heart is functioning like a normal heart.

Kristen Horler

Former pastry chef who had a pivotal point after seeing herself surrounded by a world of obesity, people who were over-medicated, or caring for people with cancer. Went into the fitness business and worked with people who had challenges trying to find the magic weight loss strategy. Juice Plus was a strong catalyst.

Mao Lee
2 years to NMD

Lived 10 yrs in Vietnam - Army invaded the country, whole family had to run for their lives and safety. All of her family died trying to escape; her parents died of starvation. In 1978, she moved to US with a broken heart. Made little to support family, then diagnosed with cancer. Lost hope in trying to eat lots of fruits and veggies consistently and couldn’t afford juicing every day. Had no insurance to pay for treatment. JP was a fraction of the cost of juicing, cost-affective and simple. Juice Plus helped her run from cancer. The business saved her as well as the whole food nutrition.

Nina Radcliffe

Homeschool mother with 11 children. Fatigue, brain fog, no extra energy. After starting to flood her body with the whole food nutrition of Juice Plus, she can now greet her husband with a smile at the end of the day. Age 42 she delivered her last child and had best pregnancy of all the other 10. The 4 youngest children have never been to the doctor for illness since being on JP+.

Tori Davies
6 years to NMD

30 yrs old. Took 6yr to get to NMD. First learned about Juice Plus when her brother was diagnosed with a serious auto immune disorder and was put on 7 different medications. After getting flooding his body with raw foods through Juice Plus he was able to get off 7 medications and his body miraculously healed

Kim Douglas

Professor and writer. Lost many friends to disease and wanted to be part of a mission to stop the cycle of toxic eating. She worked very part time growing her Juice Plus business and within 7 yrs surpassed her income as a professor. She has retired early from teaching and has more time to write and help others put their stories on paper; she has more freedom to live life on purpose with her family through meaningful work.