Team Thoroughbred

Business Training

Jim Rohn: The Sower and Reaper (10:30)
One of the Most Important Videos

Jim Rohn

Promoting Events: Butts in Seats (27 min)
Staci Joy Ellis, RN NMD
Stacy Joy Ellis, RN NMD
Keep It Simple (39 min)
Pam Shepley, NMD 100 Club
Pammy Shepley (1)

The Power of Events (34 min)
Kim van der Heijden, NMD

The 10 Habits of Highly Effective Distributors (31 min)
Loretta Koeth, NMD

Our Family Business: How and Why (30 min)
Dr. Chris Schloss, Pharmacist
Going Viral: Creating Mystique in Media (28 min)
Karen Richards, NMD

The Magic of the Mission (29 min)
Dr. Joel and Julie Herbst, NMDs, 100 Club

Have FUN Building Your Dream Team (36 min)
Wendy Vance NMD, Ashley Powell SSC, Stephanie Gits QNMD,
Nicole Fink QNMD and Stephanie Painter SSC
Events: Who, What, When, Where, Why (29 min)
Loretta Koeth, NMD


The Customer Experience (32 min)
Julie Herbst, NMD, 100 Club

Simple 100 Club Formula (22 min)
Kim McColl, NMD