Team Thoroughbred

Welcome! This Get Started Road Map will guide you as you build a Juice Plus+ business. These steps are meant to be completed over time with the guidance of your Juice Plus+ sponsor. Work closely with your Juice Plus+ sponsor and upline support team; they are committed to partnering with you to help achieve whatever goal you set.


New Representative Meeting

It's time to schedule your first training with your Juice Plus+ sponsor.

Be sure to bring your calendar to this meeting.

New Distributor Launch Sheet


"Qualify Your Business" Meeting

Congratulations on reaching the Virtual Franchise position! ​It's time to schedule another meeting with your sponsor to achieve the next milestone:  a Qualified Business (a.k.a. "Jackpot Business!")

Meeting Agenda

Duplicate Your Way to NMD

Congratulations on creating a Qualified Business!  This next section of the Road Map lays out the path to help duplicate more Qualified Businesses all the way to National Marketing Director!

Meeting Agenda