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Rachel's Product/Business Audios

Voxer for Business Prospect

Meet Rachel Smartt and hear her incredible business journey and see what the Juice Plus+ mission-driven model has provided her over 17 years. She paints the big picture for you and provides great options for you to consider to help your family.

We can set up a time later this week to connect on the phone.

Welcome Voxer for New Reps

I wanted you to meet our National Marketing Leader Rachel Smartt from GA. She wanted to welcome you into our Juice Plus Business and looks forward to supporting you. In this voxer message she paints a BIG picture of the potential and options for your business.

Rachel Smartt JP+ Story on Voxer

This audio has more info than her short story and overcomes a lot of objection. Great to send prospect prior to making a connection or placing a order.

Listen to this powerful 6-minute Voxer message from our top leader Dr. Rachel Smartt and her wellness journey of 18 years. Her story will inspire you and answer a lot of your questions. There is also a short Juice Plus+ video below