Team Thoroughbred

Customer Care

It is so important to care about and educate your customers. If you do this properly throughout their first year on the product you will have a lifelong customer and maybe even a future team member! Please schedule the following reminders into your phone calendar as soon as you sign up your new customer...

Sign Up Day

Month 1 - Check in every few days – quick note to make sure they are taking JP daily:

First Week


Day 10 – Check in

Day 30

Month 2 - 4 - Check in at least once or twice as a message, text, call or selfie video. 


Day 60 - Congratulate them for consistency with taking JP+   


Day 90


** After they have received their second box; mail them a card, call them or send a selfie video to thank them for being a loyal customer and then continue to check in with them about once per month.

*** After they have accepted their third box; mail them a card with a $10.00 gift card. Trust me this goes a long way.